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About NFTs: in June the coolest virtual expo of the year!

A gaming virtual world inspired by Dubai Expo will host a rich program open to all attendees: interviews, webinars and specials from insights, experienced in a funny and gaming way. International partners, important speakers and artists from the NFTs scene for a great live event.

NFT Expo The Nemesis

We've attended dozens of virtual conferences, but they all look the same. Even when the content is interesting, boredom begins after a while.

The Nemesis has announced the funniest Virtual Expo of the year, where VR & gaming will engage users for new interactive experiences.

It will takes place in June 2021, 3rd and 4th on The Nemesis, thanks to important partnership with international companies such as The Cryptonomist. We expect thousands of users from all over the world, mainly from Europe, Middle-East and Asia!

Let's go in order. The virtual scene that will host the NFTs Expo on The Nemesis is inspired by the Dubai Expo. Awesome details for suggestive environments! 

Not only users can explore the virtual world, walking among the branded corners and meeting the exhibitors and enjoy the artworks on display...
They also have fun with other attendees and play the games to win awesome exclusive prizes!

The main panel will be the hearth of the event: a rich program of meetings, interviews, talk shows in which the best speakers of the NFTs world will take part. In the coming days we will reveal some of the most interesting names joining the event!

Even media & press specialists have their own virtual conference theater with restricted access for official media kit, Q&A & podcast in preview.

The last vacant seats are being assigned: if you would like to join as speaker, sponsor and exhibitor: visit the NFTs Expo Official WebSite and apply for your participation.

The Nemesis is the entertainment platform that matches video games and social networks for new interactive experiences. Casual gameplays and awesome live streaming events set in suggestive virtual worlds: art galleries, v-store and themed metaverses like pirates island, far west valley, sci-fi district and modern city.

The Cryptonomist is reporting the future in a simple and captivating way. A punctual and rigorous information site to offer news and updates to its readers,
but also authoritative in having opinions and making disclosure on the most innovative aspects of the crypto-economy.

Author: The Nemesis