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Big Bang on the Nemesis!

Genesis is the name of the first planet voted by the community of The Nemesis. Learn more about it and how to reserve lands through Companions!

Planet Genesis

Virtual lands are the basic elements of a virtual world/planet, like Genesis, in the ecosystem of The Nemesis. 

All lands on The Nemesis are a unique size 5x5 unit NFT ERC-721 with different matrices and different fillers on which a 3D set is applied to create a metaverse. 3D Sets are 3D scene templates generated through the editor by creators or by The Nemesis' team.

Virtual Lands, 3D Set and Metaverse

All lands that have a 3d set on them create a metaverse on a virtual planet. Each planet on The Nemesis has a unique and recognizable surface compared to the other planets, making 3D Set unique. The surface is called filler and can have different textures and/or materials

Genesis is characterized by a specific Caraibic Sea Filler and avatars will do activities like swimming and diving.  In the first exclusive Season, the total number of lands available is 11.520 and they will be distributed 70% during the pre-sale period (2 days) and the other 30% during the sale period.

Land and privilege access through Companion

A companion is a futuristic digital collectible living on the Ethereum blockchain that also comes to life on The Nemesis platform. 

During each Season of the Land sale, we reserve a special option for NFTs Companions owners of the same Season. If the NFT Companion owner decides to get the option during the land presales, he will be able to buy the land with a 50% of discount (140$ instead of 280$).

To summarize, having a Companion NFT let users be able to:

•  Early access to the land reservation internal tool
•  Pre-emption rights on the Genesis Lands
•  1 Companion for 1 Land: the rights are proportional

Get your companion, less than 30% are left!

Internal MarketPlace for Items and Lands

Into The Nemesis’ internal marketplace, creators will sell their 3D SETS and the custom Gameplays they have designed.  All users will buy 3D SETS and Gameplays by other creators. They will also sell, transfer (cards trading), and buy from The Nemesis or from other users: avatars, equipment, power-ups, and game cards according to their availability in the inventory. 

All transactions within the internal marketplace are carried out through COINS, the in-game currency of the platform.

However, for crypto lovers who want more, it is possible to: 

•  Trade & Stake NEMS, The Nemesis ERC-20 Token 

•  Cashout via Crypto Token all COINS collected into The Nemesis as creator or seller 

•  Buy NFTs to empower the experience with unique or limited edition assets 

•  Buy and trade lands through the use of NFTs

The Nemesis gamers can become true and perpetual owners of their lands and digital items. They can buy and sell items freely. These game items are no longer confined by a narrow digital ecosystem.


Author: The Nemesis