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Chiamarsi Bomber on The Nemesis!

On 6th May 2021, Chiamarsi Bomber’s modernity will meet The Nemesis’ virtual worlds to provide the community with an innovative experience which will include gaming and live streaming!

Chiamarsi Bomber on The Nemesis!

Since their foundation, Chiamarsi Bomber – reference Italian soccer community that can boast 1.1mln followers on Facebook and 1.8mln followers on Instagram – closely followed the major trends in the digital marketing area: could they ever miss the opportunity to organize a virtual event in partnership with The Nemesis platform?

Many will be the activities available in the Bomber Virtual Village (the virtual world created specifically for the occasion), and each of them will focus solely on the player experience, making him the active protagonist of a process of gamification together with the brand.

All will start on May 6th with a Quiz Game; two days later, on May 8th, the Speed Hunt Challenge will begin, and it will stay up until Monday 17th May. Top ranked among the players will receive many items from Chiamarsi Bomber’s latest collection of merchandise.

The climax will be on 19th May with the big Live Streaming event at 9:00pm CET, starring Jori Delli, model and influencer, who will personally award the winners of the Challenge and will give a surprise to all participants!

During all the event, users will be given the opportunity to interact between them, with the surrounding environment and with the hosts too, in order to provide an experience as realistic as ever.

All you have to do is tuning in The Nemesis platform and discover all the surprises waiting for the community of Chiamarsi Bomber: this is just the beginning.

Author: The Nemesis