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COIN and NEMS meaning

Starting from today, COIN is the name of our in-game stable coin and NEMS is the ERC-20 crypto token on the Ethereum Platform.


In the early access stage, we called NEMS our in-game coin.
With this official release, we rename the currency assets as follows: 

- COIN is the in-game stable coin (0.01 USD), 

- NEMS is the ERC-20 crypto token on the Ethereum blockchain

NEMS tokens will be needed by users to buy
- Lands
- In-game COINS at a special price
- NFTs to play with within the platform

We know that our supporters are eager to have NEMS tokens. 

This could be launched today, but it wouldn't be in their best interests. We are carefully choosing the best exchange for our token launch to get a great chance of success for the entire economy of the project. The Nemesis is here to stay.

Learn more about The Nemesis on its White Paper

Author: The Nemesis