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Davide Coltro's first NFTs sold out!

Collectors welcomed the entry of the artist Davide Coltro into the NFT world. His first three pieces of the “Still life with colored fly” series, published on the Binance NFT marketplace on July 13, were awarded by a unique passionate collector.

Davide Coltro NFT

We had introduced Davide Coltro during the grand opening of his virtual art gallery on The Nemesis: for the occasion Amelia Tomasicchio CEO of The Cryptonomist had moderated a fantastic talk that saw the participation, as well as the artist, also of Andrea Concas, famous digital entrepreneur and popularizer on issues related to culture, art and, of course, crypto art. Mr. Concas had been our guest in April, when we were live with an interesting debate on criticism and curatorship, which was also attended by the professionists Ivan Quaroni and Chiara Canali (podcast available here).

Already during the opening event of the virtual art gallery on The Nemesis there was a great participation of the public.

Evidently the NFT Lovers welcomed the artist with a warm feedback and during the auction of the first three pieces, lasted a week, some of them battled to win the artworks, with several bids. Only one of them (very motivated :) has won the auctions and bought all 3 artworks.

The auctions ended a few hours ago and we are already looking forward to discovering Davide Coltro's next projects.

We can only anticipate that he will soon publish new inhedit contents within his virtual art gallery.
For every update, invite you to follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavideColtro

Author: The Nemesis