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DotPigeon and his launch as curator: we were there!

We were at the grand opening of "Lost In Crypto" and met DotPigeon and other famous crypto artists, let's reveal something about that...

Lost In Crypto

DotPigeon, the famous crypto artist who was highlighted among artists around the world through his man with the balaclavas, sperimented as curator and collaborated with Plan X Art Gallery at the "Lost In Crypto" exhibition.

We were at the grand opening few days ago and it was really cool!

Amazing artworks by talented creators: "touching" an NFT seems a contradictory expression, yet it is a possible and highly enjoyable experience. Even more exciting then if you can share the love for art in all its forms with other enthusiasts, curious and experimenters.

There were a lot of people, in Milan: we met also Chiara Canali, she is a very capable professionist always open to new phenomena of contemporary art, she had already been our welcome guest on The Nemesis in the context of the debate about NFT and art criticism, sponsored by The Cryptonomist.

It was extraordinary to meet in person her and some of the artists who seem so far away, when you stand behind the screen and you look at their NFTs!

DotPigeon was so willing to tell a little about how this beautiful project was born, and how he chose his exhibition "colleagues".  You can admire is "Goat Amongst Goat", the challenge is to discover all books titles that appear in his work!

Fantastic then chatting with Skygolpe, he revealed many "Easter eggs" present in the great NFT produced in collaboration with Fabio Giampietro, who also lent himself to the questions of his followers and friends. Impossible not to see and see it again and try to find all awesome details they included, rich in meaning and deeper messages, accessible to the eyes of the most attentive observers. In their "Proof of View" there is also a mention of @33NFT, the famous collector who bought this and other amazing artworks by international artists, including Fewocious, SkyGolpe and Federico Clapis.

We do not want to reveal too much about this exhibition which will be open for a few weeks, because we want to invite you to go and visit it in person. We know it is limited to those who are in Milan and it would be great to enjoy "Lost in Crypto" from all over the world. Why not, perhaps within a virtual world on The Nemesis!

Our invitation to the organizers is launched!

Author: The Nemesis