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Ethics, values ​​and etiquette in the metaverse

We at The Nemesis work a lot on technology and believe that it is our greatest strength in the metaverse market, but we are aware that enormous technological capacity is not enough to be successful: we want to insert into a broader social vision and create a place of peace where users can feel free to express their creativity.

The Nemesis

An average 35-year-old user is estimated to spend almost 12 hours a day in front of a screen. Basically half of his life. And over the next few years, we will see the percentage of time spent in the metaverse grow steadily.

Let's face it: we have to keep in touch with reality. It is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, do regular exercise and spend time outdoors and in contact with other people, to feed the physical, mental and social needs of the human being. Educating the younger generations in this sense must be a priority for all families, schools and institutions in general.

However, we can no longer live without technology, the use of PCs and smartphones is essential in the daily life of millions of people; screen addiction is a fact that we cannot simply ignore or deny. This is why we ask ourselves how we can foster, as a metaverse platform, an ecosystem permeated with value, rich in playful experiences and with a positive imprint.

As always, the point is not the technology, but how it is used. And we want to propose a way of using it, which is healthier and more ethical. The Nemesis has the ambition to become a technological standard for a new internet model based on experiences and not just content. The idea is to enhance the gaming experience as a moment of aggregation and social exchange. Hence a new concept of community and aggregation, based on the value of inclusion, in which geographical barriers are broken down but above all social and economic inequality.

The vision is to have a place (virtual yes, but recognizable) that is safe and fun for the community, where individuals can recognize themselves and express their creativity and monetize their skills. In the metaverse we believe that some of the professions of the future will develop: architects of virtual worlds, digital marketers, artists… and other professions that are new or adapted to the business potential that the metaverse offers (countless!).

We at The Nemesis work a lot on technology and we believe that it is our greatest strength in the metaverse market, but we are aware that enormous technological capacity is not enough to be successful: we aim at a product that knows how to insert into a broader social vision. This way, we have chosen to develop cubic lowpoly graphics precisely to get away from excessive visual realism and create a detachment between the game and real life.

We strive for peace, today more than ever, and that's why we have chosen to eliminate references to violence, the bloodiest and most frightening ones, because playing should be fun for everyone: so our platform battles take place with inflatable toy swords and our weapons are guns that shoot blanks. In this vein we promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere, to encourage users to act as members of a community by cooperating, and not against each other, not to use violent and offensive language because The Nemesis is a place of inclusion.

We can begin to define a manifesto, with a few simple rules of behavior, an etiquette of the virtual world, in which we invite users to:

1. use peaceful and cordial language: we don't like swear words and we condemn violent and offensive expressions on the platform and on all aggregation channels (Discord, Twitter, etc)

2. promote freedom of expression with respect for all: do not blast!

3. play and let play without hindering others or jumping on the head of avatars or disturbing the viewing of streamed content.

We know that we will have to educate users more and more to respect the rules of basic coexistence even in the metaverse, but we are sure that the users themselves aspire to a climate of peace, today more than ever, in any area of ​​their life.

Author: The Nemesis