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Have you already played RC-NITRO game?

RC-NITRO collection is sold out! On December 15th we minted out all the 8.888 cars of our second NFT collection: 1.631 owners and a very positive listed item percentage…this sounds sooo good! Did you get yours?

The Nemesis RC-NITRO

The Nem Fam is extremely happy that this amazing NFT collection went sold out  in a matter of days: this makes us understand that you guys really appreciated it!

Moreover, the RC-NITRO NFTs are now live in game to let you test your new whips on 7 exciting race tracks: we have registered an increasing flow of users who played thousands of matches... it seems like you are having fun!  

Some interesting facts from our community:
- The most-played track on which these dopest cars are burning rubber is the skate park;
- Among our community members the preferred track is the space themed circuit… so cool!
-  A balance between speed, grip and acceleration is important: most users love sports cars because of their speed and acceleration… but they keep on swerving on the track… remember that speed is nothing without control!

And if you have still not tried our RC-NITRO game, put on your driving gloves and buckle up!
Log into The Nemesis and click on “Games”, then “RC-NITRO”. You can choose the multi or single-player mode. Select your RC-NITRO car or, in case you do not own any NFT car, pick one between the two basic models. Now, choose the track and you are ready to play!

See you on the track!

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Author: The Nemesis