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Jori Delli and Dj Georgia Mos live at Chiamarsi Bomber Village

At 9:30 pm on May 19th, 2021 - Special Live Event organized in the Virtual Island of Chiamarsi Bomber. Special Guest Jori Delli and Dj Georgia Mos.

Jori Delli to host live streaming event at Chiamarsi Bomber virtual island on The Nemesis

To celebrate their new Metaverse, Chiamarsi Bomber organized a speed hunt challenge with fantastic prizes including, for the first place, the original soccer T-shirt of Ibrahimovic with personal autograph! The event will be hosted by Jori Delli, who will award live the three winners, and by DJ Georgia Mos who will make an exclusive DJ set that will make the avatars dance with the best electronic music ever.

Users will enjoy the live streaming directly in the virtual island and they can dance, clap, give-me-five with other avatars, chat with users and speakers, explore the virtual Island and play the quizgames to win a special Skin.

Enter with your avatar, from a desktop browser or from the mobile APP, to enjoy the amazing experience… You can move and explore the virtual space around you: walk along the beach, dive into the sea and even swim.

Go to the Live area and take the best place on the sand in front of the big screen.

The Nemesis virtual worlds are basically 3D metaverse where users can play customized gameplay, attend live streaming events and win prizes. The Speed hunt launched by Chiamarsi bomber is proof of this: thousands of session played in 6 days; everyone was collecting all the soccer balls scattered on the Bomber’s island, to make the record and win the prizes.

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday 19/05 at 9:30 pm on The Nemesis!


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Author: The Nemesis