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Learn more about NFTs Expo

NFTs Expo is the first conference about NFTs set in The Nemesis' gaming metaverse. The 2-days event is open to all attendees from desktop and mobile. They can join and live an engaging full experience simply by clicking here and sign up on The Nemesis!

NFTs Expo on The Nemesis

Link to join NFTs Expo: http://bit.ly/NFTsExpo2021

What is NFTs Expo?

NFTs is a virtual conference about NFTs, set in The Nemesis' gaming metaverse.
Throughout the span of 2 days, the NFTs Expo will allow people to enjoy the various live-streamed events. You'll find the full schedule right here.

When does it take place?
2021, on June 3 and 4.

The event will be officially open on June 3, at 08 am UTC
- 09 am London timezone
- 10 am Paris timezone
- 11 am Moscow time
- 04 pm Hong Kong time
- 05 pm Tokyo time

The event will be officially closed on June 4, at 03 pm UTC, when we will go live with the closing session and award ceremony of NFT Race and Speed Hunt!

How users can join?
This is the link to the NFTs Expo: http://bit.ly/NFTsExpo2021

By clicking from mobile, users can directly download app for Android/iOS. After a quick training session useful to be confident with the “one-hand” mode, they can enjoy the complete experience.

By clicking from browser desktop (last version of Chrome or Firefox) anyone can access in guest mode, but registering an account is recommended in order to enjoy the full experience and take advantage of all the interactive features of the gamified platform.

7 reasons to sign in The Nemesis and join the NFTs Expo
- play the #speedhunt and try to win 1 ETH 💰 SPECIAL EDITION
- vote for artists at #NFTrace 🗳️
- drop of the limited edition card ONE OF US
- interaction with speakers
- “give-me-5” and “match” with other avatars
- interaction with all users by integrated chat
- many amazing reactions such as “dance”, “clap-your-hands”, “fireworks”

Learn more about the #speedhunt
This is a funny gameplay, open to all attendees during the 2-days NFTs Expo: starting from June, 03 at 08 am UTC, users can collect all items scattered into the virtual world in the best time possible. The platform will involve and invite users to play.
The first time they complete the challenge, they win a special skin from a collaboration with celebrated artist Giovanni Motta and inspired by his Jonny Boy character. 
They can play again, as many times as they want, to record to complete the challenge in less and less time. You have until June 4, at 2 pm UTC to play and try to win 1 ETH!
The best and fastest gamer will win 1 ETH, and he will announced during the award ceremony on June 4, at 3 pm UTC.
Learn more about the #NFTrace
This is a special contest open to 12 selected artists: only one of their artworks is exhibited into the NFTs Expo virtual world. Users can enjoy awesome pieces of art and get closer with their avatar to learn more about them. Simply by interacting with a friendly UI, attendees can leave alike to their favorite artworks. You can vote until June 4, at 2 pm UTC! The creator of the most voted NFT by attendees during the 2-days event will win 1 ETH and he will announced during the award ceremony on June 4, at 3 pm UTC.

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Useful links
NFTs Expo official website
The Nemesis official website

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