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Meet the team: Deborah Martino

Deborah Martino is one of the co-founders of The Nemesis and she is working as COO with the aim at supporting the growth of the company. Let's meet her better with a smart Q&A!

Deborah Martino

👆 The Nemesis' Art Team worked on Deborah's avatar skin, do you like it?
The Nemesis this is not just a job for us, but a real vocation. This is why we like the idea of letting you know who is behind the @nicknames that post on social networks and in the community.

Q: What is your role within the team?
A: I am the COO, I report directly to the CEO and work on process and procedures with all the team departments of the company. The hardest goal of my job, in particular now that the team is growing, is to define in a clear way, what is done by who and how all departments can help each other!

Q: What is your background- work/ eperience?
A: I started working when I was very young, I didn't know how to do anything but I always wanted to do everything. The most formative experience of my life was with AVG Technologies, I did everything, sales, operations, relations with partners... Then, the work I did as Head of Operations in Quandoo is by far the one that inspires me the most in The Nemesis, this is because I experienced first-hand how it went from being a small startup to a large corporate success. However, I have learned a lot in every role, from every company and from every person I have worked with. And I hope to continue growing.

Q: What is your favourite thing about The Nemesis? 
A: My favorite thing is that The Nemesis is easy to access. I pay lots of attention on user experience because of my previous jobs and the usability is one of the first things I focus on when I check any product or service, in my personal life too. With The Nemesis we have hard work to do to improve that, but I think we have a good starting point, especially in this space. The mobile version helps us of course, I spend more than 10 hours per day with my phone!

Q: Any exciting information you can give us a sneak peak into?
A: We are hiring some incredibly experienced people to improve the user experience and the product usability and thus improving a larger concept of play-to(l)earn. Till now we have worked on showing the potential of the project and demonstrating that we are able to do it, to compete, to test the market and analyze the metrics. This is the time to make a jump, and this is THE year.

Q: What is your dream for The Nemesis?
A: For the short term I aim for the The Nemesis to be one of the most driven-projects of the metaverse and entertainment industry in the next 2 years. For the long term, I aim for the metaverse as a common thing, just like the website concept now, with The Nemesis as one of the most used platforms, interconnected with others.

Q: What do you like doing as a hobby?
A: Spending time out with my family is so satisfying in particular for people like me who are involved with their job 24/7!

Q: Why do you believe in The Nemesis?
A: I feel like The Nemesis is my own creature, as I participate in creating the very early concept of the project, I remember when we tried to write down in words this crazy idea... many things have changed and many others have been improved, but we were able to move the original idea of what the metaverse must be in our opinion into a running and working product and I think this is so exciting!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborah-martino-2071a327/

Discord: @Paprika🔥#3034

Author: The Nemesis