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Milan Roundtable - exciting moves are happening at The Nemesis

We have a very exciting and important update! We want this announcement to be one that educates and informs you. One that sets realistic expectations and keeps our community abreast of developments as they happen. We value our early adopters and have some cool plans on how we can reward our most loyal members. So let’s get to it.

The Nemesis team


We just have returned from an exciting two days of meetings In Milan with the broader Nemesis team. There was A LOT to discuss and cover: tokenomics game development, marketing and new team member onboarding. Launching a token well and with the right approach takes a lot of thought, planning and time. We discussed our tokenomics during these two days and how we can balance our tokens to bring the best value, stability and longevity to our platform and users. This is a fine balance which needs to be precise and very well planned out to preserve the whole Nemesis ecosystem. Which is why we dedicated almost an entire day with a team of people to this topic alone. The lead up to a token launch has many different aspects to consider and should not be rushed. We appreciate you, our community, for your patience on this matter and we will keep you informed of our progress.

This has implications on the release schedule of some other highly anticipated features. As purchasing land will require NEMS token, land sales will be delayed until our token is publicly available. You can still reserve your land and get a 50% discount on future land price using a companion. Read more about that here. This will mean that, barring any unforeseen issues such as market conditions, we will have token launch at the end of year. 

We appreciate that our community members have been patient in journeying with us as we continue to push the boundaries of web3 and metaverse virtual world experiences. We have many thrilling things coming up in The Nemesis calendar, namely NFT NYC where we are Platinum sponsors, Cannes film festival, Piazza di Siena international equestrian event and Formula 1 Grand Prix Monte Carlo! 

The Nemesis is a pioneer in this space and our momentum is only building as we add more features, collectibles and fun events for our community to enjoy. We have some very experienced, expert professionals in the NFT, Crypto and now game design space working alongside us and consulting with us so that we are sure to deliver something that will stand the test of time. 

We hope this announcement excites you as we begin to firm up timelines and start ramping up promotion of The Nemesis. We will continue to bring fun and exciting events and activities for our community to explore, engage and earn! We want to thank you for your continued support, understanding and patience as we build this exciting new world. You will not be disappointed!

Author: The Nemesis