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Poseidon Group aims for metaverse and invests in The Nemesis

Poseidon Group, the Swiss holding company behind several crypto projects, including the hybrid wallet and exchange Eidoo, has chosen The Nemesis as its flagship gaming and metaverse project.

In recent months, The Nemesis, the entertainment platform offering innovative virtual reality experiences, has gained increasing visibility and authority internationally. Numerous brands and influencers have chosen The Nemesis to increase the engagement of their communities with enjoyable gameplay, challenges with prizes and live events set in new and surprising meta-verses. This detail did not escape the attention of Poseidon Group which, always on the lookout for promising projects, assessed The Nemesis as a business with great potential.

The Poseidon Group has decided to participate in the private sale of The Nemesis with an investment in NEMS, the token of the platform that will be listed soon on the main exchanges.

Believing firmly in the NFT and land business, Poseidon Group has also purchased several Companions, the collectibles from Season 1 of The Nemesis, which offer as their main utility the possibility of reserving in advance, and purchasing in pre-sale with a 50% discount on the list price, the exclusive lands of the planet Genesis.

Genesis is the first of ten planets on which the 200,000 lands of the total supply of The Nemesis will be distributed: for this Season 1, 11,520 lands will soon be available for purchase on Genesis.

"We want to colonise a few sectors of lands on Genesis and build exclusive neighbourhoods dedicated to VIPs, influencers and major projects," commented one of the spokesperson for the Poseidon Group.

Author: The Nemesis