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Ready Player Me Integration

All players will be able to use their Ready Player Me avatars across all of The Nemesis activities to play the games, explore suggestive virtual worlds, join events and have fun with the community!

The Nemesis partnered with Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me provides players and developers with plug-and-play tools for easy integration of its avatar system to any virtual world or game.

“The Nemesis provides a glimpse into how the metaverse will evolve in the coming years by bringing together mobile, 3D experiences, games, and more. Given our focus to allow users to travel and explore virtual worlds, we share the same vision for the future and we couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration.” commented Timmu Toke, CEO of Ready Player Me.

Alessandro De Grandi, CEO and Founder of The Nemesis, said in a statement "At The Nemesis we’re committed to openness, tech neutrality and interoperability, and Ready Player Me’s technology goes exactly in that direction. We were immediately drawn to the simplicity of creating an avatar through their technology and are looking forward to growing our community by integrating these avatars”. And that's why we set up a strong partnership with Ready Player Me: we share the same vision for the future and we can’t be more excited about this collaboration. 

Learn more about how to create your Ready Player Me avatar on The Nemesis 

Watch the video on YouTube

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Author: The Nemesis