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Ready to enjoy Brina Knauss Dj Set?

LIVENow chooses The Nemesis to launch into the metaverse era: a cool metastage where people can enjoy challenges and live events! Play the ongoing speedhunt and don't miss the Brina Knauss Live Dj Set on Jan 27th.

LIVENow Metastage on The Nemesis

LIVENow is the new entertainment hub to watch and take part in exclusive interactive contents across music, sport, fitness and more. 

The metaverse era has come for LIVENow too, and The Nemesis is the best choice to offer even new amazing experiences.

The Metastage was launched a few days ago and the first challenge is almost over: you can play a very rich speedhunt untill Jan 26th at 22:00 Cloud City Time (UTC).

Collect all 🎤🎤 within LIVENow Metastage to win amazing prizes 🎁🎁🎁
🎟️ for ALL players
A free discount coupon to enjoy LIVENow platform at live-now.com
(coupons will be available directly in your inventory on The Nemesis, starting from Jan 27th)

🏆 only for THE 3 BEST players
🥇 1 Smartphone 📱
🥈 1 Gaming Kit - keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headphone ⌨️ 🎧
🥉 5000 NEMS

TO PLAY: https://thenemesis.io/@metastage

Jan 27th, h 20:00 Cloud City Time (UTC)

Brina Knauss is one of the most interesting DJs of the international electronic scene. She will perform live with her greatest hits from her latest album Sledi Toku.

Don't miss the TREASURE HUNT!
We will scatter on the Metastage lots of chests: only one contains a surprise 💎 whoever finds it, wins the Brina Knauss' special skin 🥰

We look forward to seeing you in the LIVENow metastage... ENJOY!

Author: The Nemesis