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The Nemesis brings Lucca Comics & Games in the metaverse

On October 28th The Nemesis will host in the metaverse the first virtual and gamified version of Lucca Comics & Games, launching a longer-term project that will evolve during the future editions of the event.

Luccaverse Lucca Comics metaverse

Lucca C&G is an international comics, animation and gaming convention, the first fair of its kind in Europe and the second in the world. This year the event will embrace new technology evolutions related to NFTs, blockchain, Web3, artificial intelligence and metaverse.

The partnership with The Nemesis is one of the clearest signs of this wave of innovation: Luccaverse will be a custom-built virtual world reproducting the festival setting and atmosphere but also a great opportunity to discover the new features offered by the latest technologies to further improve user experience.

The metaverse will be available and accessible from both desktop (simply via an URL link) and mobile app and will allow users to explore for the first time the city of Lucca, its main streets and landmarks reshaped in the virtual reality. Gamification will be another significant part of this experience, since this will involve the exploration of the famous sights of the city but also include challenges and dynamic activities, such as timed Speed Runs and Trivia Quiz to test users’ skills and engagement (for example, custom skins created specifically for the festival, like that of the iconic Lady Hope, the symbol of this edition), as well as streaming contents and live events.

A teaser version of the metaverse is already available HERE and it is possible to watch the video of the making of the official poster of Lucca C&G 2022 edition and also the press conference for the festival program presentation.

"Being engaged in such an important event like Lucca C&G, which is popular both in Europe and worldwide, gives us the opportunity to show its audience, already very interested in gaming and related topics, how metaverses and augmented reality are a natural and consequent development of these industries" says Alessandro De Grandi, CEO & Founder of The Nemesis.

The company is not new to this kind of projects: being an entertainment platform offering innovative virtual reality experiences, many key market brands and influencers have already chosen The Nemesis to increase the engagement of their communities with fun gameplays and live events set in different and exciting metaverses. Montecarlo city track inspired by famous Principality of Monaco race, Lega Serie A Soccer, Diabolik @ Cannes Film Festival, Guess, just to name a few.


Author: The Nemesis