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The Nemesis, GamerHash and Purple Penguin Partnership

Gamerhash purple penguin the nemesis

Finally, we are proud to announce the partnership with GamerHash and Purple Penguin!

Our cooperation is focused on common goals such as gaming education, NFTs, and Play&Earn gaming adoption. We are looking forward to mixing our communities to gain new users and to offer them amazing interactive experiences.

Play&Earn task, related to metaverses and other mini-games, is an important feature that allows users to earn coins while having fun playing game challenges.

Purple Penguin & The Nemesis & GamerHash plans

The first step of our partnership is two weeks event from the 20th to 29th of October and later from the 4th to 12th of November. The opening live event is on 20th October in The Nemesis Cloud City; during the event participants take part in a special “AMA Talk” in which the partners introduce the partnership and all the details about challenges, play&earn task and twitter video contest.

On each day players will struggle in challenges with fantastic prizes. Moreover, there will be a Twitter video contest and closing party on the 13th of November with an awards ceremony and open talk about new features of The Nemesis, Purple Penguin and GamerHash.

Every player loves playing gameplays and there's nothing better than being able to earn money while having fun! From now on, earning and playing will be more convenient and easy for everyone! You can expect tasks that will be rewarded in GHX, event challenges will also be rewarded with $PEBBLE, NFTs, rare inventory cards, and GHX.

About Purple Penguin

Purple Penguin is an organization that brings together blockchain games and charity. Its goal is to aid climate conservation and children’s charities through crypto, NFTs, and blockchain games. The company was founded by Kevin Lawson and Chantal Plourde, registered on the 25th of July 2021. Purple Penguin offers interactive currency and NFTs that help save the planet. You can play mini-games in the metaverse of antARTica and be rewarded in NFTs and native tokens of Purple Penguin - $PEBBLE.

About GamerHash

GamerHash is an ecosystem where users can play games and earn GamerCoin (GHX) which is GamerHash’s native token. Members can use their computer’s power and mine cryptocurrencies, earn GHX and GUSD by completing tasks on the original Play&Earn platform. GamerCoin (GHX) can be withdrawn or exchanged for +600 digital products in the GamerHash Store. It is also listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges such as Crypto.com, KuCoin, and Bithumb. 

About The Nemesis

The Nemesis is a company founded in 2019 by Alessandro De Grandi and Riccardo Zanini. Founders created a unique virtual space where users can play games, offer services, sell products, organize live events, and develop their fantasy environment. With The Nemesis, every member can conquer metaverses and collect Companions NFTs - digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

We are incredibly excited to collaborate with our new partners. We are looking forward to achieving our goals and creating a bright future for P&E systems and metaverse’s experiences!  

Author: The Nemesis Staff