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The Nemesis Platform To Host Marcondiro live music stream

An exciting live-streamed event with a focus on great music, celebrating Earth Day, and exploring the potential of NFTs.

Marcondiro live on The Nemesis

On April 22nd since 1970, Earth Day is celebrated, dedicated to safeguarding the Planet.

For this 51st Earth Day, we at The Nemesis will launch a great virtual live streaming event to share with the digital community a message of awareness, support and hope on issues concerning the environment and the relationship between man and the nature.

As always, we will convey this message through gamification and offer users the opportunity to live an engaging, interactive and funny experience, feeling like protagonists. We have prepared a suggestive virtual world where people can meet, play, win fantastic awards and spend a moment of sharing with a profound meaning, in a carefree atmosphere.

Art has always been the most powerful form of communication: for this we will not be alone in this aim and we have organized the event on April 22nd, live on The Nemesis at 9:30 pm, in collaboration with Marcondiro, who will give us an awesome live performance, streamed to a fantastic mega screen, that avatars can enjoy from the beach!

Marcondiro are experimenters of cultured popular art and with their latest musical project DATA they will throw us on a journey where art no longer belongs to those who create it, but is fed to the people, that of the internet. And in this spirit, Marcondiro were the first band in Italy to have dropped a video clip of a musical project in NFT.

The world of NFTs today is the stage for a new form of art, above all visual. And since nature has always been, perhaps, the greatest inspiring muse, we will enrich our virtual world with digital works of art consistent with the theme of Earth Day.
We will do this through a contest, which will be launched this week on our Twitter profile: anyone can apply to exhibit their work of art in the virtual world of The Nemesis which will host the event on 22 April.

Communication without Love is a collective monologue. With this Marcondiro quote, taken from the song RoboEtica, we invite everyone to follow us in order to find out about the updates and participate in the great show where Love for the Planet will certainly not fail to be celebrated.

Author: The Nemesis