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The Nemesis X Non-Fungible Conference: a custom metaverse for global events

The Nemesis is a platform in which an event’s organizers and/or companies can create a new experience for worldwide users through custom virtual realities and virtual activities like online games, social challenges, entertainment leveraging on gamification and “play to earn” model to incentivize users’ competition during the activities.

NFC Metaverse

Explore NOW https://thenemesis.io/@nonfungibleconference
On WebGL and Mobile (iOs/Android)

We support the phygital approach, and we strongly believe that users will love the hybrid experiences.

The European NFT Conference

What an honor and privilege to take part in Non-Fungible Conference (NFC) as a Metaverse Partner and Silver Sponsor with so many other companies that have been investing in this visionary industry from the first glow. Located in the heart of Lisbon, the first edition of NFC will take place in an iconic and historical Palace, the Carlos Lopes Pavillion, and will host: 

- 1500+ attendees
- 100+ speakers, 100+ NFT collections
- Curated NFT Art Exhibition

Non Fungible Conference: Metaverse Stage and Challenges

On the special occasion of The Non-Fungible Conference, our team of designers and programmers create a 3D metaverse stage for all users that do not be able to come physically to Lisbon.  

The metaverse is also proposed as a networking area to talk with others users during the conference, where avatars can a open chat group from one person to many people together. During the two days of conferences, there will be 2 challenges to win a land of our new planet, a companion, and our utility tokens called NEM. 

Challenges on the NFC X The Nemesis Metaverse

SpeedRun Challenge
Each user will choose an avatar to race: users have to run in a circuit in the meta stage and collect items during a limited amount of time. The 5 best racer, who will collect more items, will win these awards:

First Place: 1 LAND + 1 COMPANION NFT + 5.000 NEMS

Second Place: 1 COMPANION NFT + 4.000 NEMS

Third Place: 1 COMPANION NFT+ 3.000 NEMS

Fourth Place: 2.000 NEMS

Fifth Place: 1.000 NEMS

NFT Artist Social Challenge
15 NFTArtists will tweet on their twitter account this Custom GIF, the tweet that will have more retweets will win this award:

Winner: 1 land size L + virtual gallery 3D set to showcase until 32 digital artworks!

To take part in the Speedrun Challenge, users should enter the metaverse, log in, create an Avatar.. Then just race! While to support your favorite NFT artist, users should just retweet the special GIF created for the Social Challenge.

Non Fungible Conference: a cool Metaverse on the Nemesis platform

The Nemesis studios designed a unique environment for this event, an epicenter of fun, art, and innovation. Inside the NFC metaverse, you can find an area dedicated to watching the summit live from Lisbon, an Arcade area for entertainment, lots of interactive corners distributed throughout the entire stage where NFT works of art by artists attending the event will be exhibited and sold to our participants.

In the great central pavilion, it will be possible to connect participants to the 4 panels of the event, and thanks to the interaction corners they can get access to external links and information provided by the main partners and sponsors.  

On the right side, The Stage will live-broadcast the full 2-days event. All the special guests that will talk at the summit, all the amazing topics, all the artists and their creations.

In the arcade area, there are some charming games to collect points and have some fun.

NFT's amazing artworks are scattered throughout the metaverse, in the various gardens and squares.

The scenario is typical of a universal exhibition, all the conditions for a breathtaking event are in place.

It’s your time now, decide whether you want to experience it or be told about it.


Metaverse of the Non-Fungible Conference: https://thenemesis.io/@nonfungibleconference

Author: The Nemesis