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Time to Celebrate Companion NFT Minted Out

It is rare to see an NFT launch in Summer 2021 for it to sell out in Summer 2022. And THAT is exactly what we did. We know this is because we have something special with The Nemesis Metaverse and is a testament to the growing strength of our community.

We have been non stop building for years and people, projects and companies alike have been drawn to us because of the quality we bring to the Metaverse concept at large.

We are immensely proud of our feat of minting out our Companion NFT collection during a bear market!

We have displayed the ability to secure big partners and small projects to help them scale and broaden their reach all while offering their community dynamic and unique experiences through The Nemesis Metaverse.

Whether this is through unique metaverse worlds created for an NFT project or our precise recreation of the Monaco Grand Prix race course. The Nemesis provides a place for brands and communities to engage with their fans all while offering fun and exclusive rewards!

The concept of the Metaverse is groundbreaking in terms of the potential for immersive experiences, fun and games. The utility offered with our Companion NFT that minted out last week is big - it grants you the ability to reserve land (cost: $280) which is live on our platform now. For every Companion NFT you hold you get 50% off your land purchase price when the land feature is live. Furthermore, you can battle with your Companion in our Dojo game to level up. Finally your Companion also journeys with you around the Metaverse acting as an assistant and expression of your identity!

We as a team are excited for the future as we continue to add partners to our list.  The Metaverse holds no limitations and we plan to push ourselves to explore every possibility within the realm of this digital space while offering our users and community the most exciting events and content!

Author: The Nemesis