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UBL: the new disruptive martial arts experience in the metaverse

UBL partnered with LIveNow to broadcast amazing contents in The Nemesis metaverse

United Battle League on The Nemesis

The United Battle League is a new martial competition series, where the fights of world class athletes take place embedded into a virtual video environment.

This will open a new dimension and The Nemesis is proud to open its sci-fi metaverse to let users enjoy even more the original content.

It all strarted with LiveNow as partner featuring cool events in the Metastage. After some successfull music events with famous artists, they choose a different kind of content to reach a larger international audience.

UBL represents a new way to enjoy martial arts and appreciate incredible athletes challenging in the real world, being in the metaverse!

The appointment is on Friday, July 29th at 01 pm CCT (=UTC) in our sci-fi district. 
All fans from Latin-America, Europe and Asia are welcome!

A futuristic city setting where users can join the community and play the game that the team has prepared for this special occasion. 

More details will follow, for the moment, save the date and discover athletes and teams to choose your favorite one: Heemang Dragons or Gen Town Thunder?

Whether you are red or blue, you have to be there!

Author: The Nemesis