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What a crazy time we had at NFT NYC

The Nemesis as Platinum Sponsor at NFT.nyc

I feel like the team may still be recovering from all the conversations and relationships that were forged throughout our time in NY.

The Nemesis team decided it was time to attend NFT NYC...and we also decided that just attending was not enough - so we became Platinum Sponsors of the conference too!

We travelled from afar - 4 of us - from across the globe! We landed and were immediately met by a bustling and energetic city. I don’t want to jump into day by day detail but the most interesting and productive days were the last two. We had our booth set up and ready to go in the Mariott Marquis.

Once the clock struck 9am - the masses arrived and our jaws were soon fatigued by all the talking and pitching of The Nemesis. Many were in disbelief that the footage they were observing on our monitor was live, that we were an actual functioning metaverse. They were impressed by the features we offered/were soon to offer - P2E Gaming, land sales and building, live streaming, gated access to metaverse worlds, corporate events and hosting NFT projects with diverse and customised lands. The natural reaction of most people hearing what we had to say was - How do we get involved? How can we help further your reach/product? The interest was out of this world just like it was in the Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon.

It is hard to articulate to you all just how crazy these conferences are and the dynamic and incredible builders, creators and collectors we speak to every minute. The genuine intrigue by people who visited our booth would encourage anyone in the community. We were proud to stand there and put on display just what The Nemesis has to offer. We spoke with passion and informed so many people how exactly The Nemesis can be utilised to further enhance projects, companies and even just to have fun. We wanted to demonstrate how our Nemesis platform is diverse in its nature - custom metaverse lands/events, gaming & P2E, future of land sales and building and community formation.

The appeal of all these facets was obvious. We connected with some people who we know will only help in making The Nemesis future brighter. This is the time to ride the momentum and energy as we continue to build and provide our community with something they can be proud of. We have so much awaiting us in the future - as we approach minting out our companions - as our presence builds in this scene - we are excited for what lies ahead as we cement ourselves as one of the best Metaverse experiences available!

Author: Humblebeast, Community Manager