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The adv revolution goes from gaming

July 2019 - Founders state The Nemesis will be part of life of millions of people around the world sooner than one might think and open the Ambassadors' hunting.

Alessandro De Grandi and Riccardo Zanini, the founders of The Nemesis, chose the famous magazine Millionaire to announce that the platform is ready to be approached by 500 early adopters. The hunting of new The Nemesis' Ambassadors has been opened and anyone who is curious, game lover and a little bit nerd :) can apply for the role visiting the website thenemesis.io This is an important milestone to move towards the highest potential audience in order to test the disruptive dynamics on which The Nemesis is based, starting from the game play. The Nemesis launches a new way of marketing and adv, aimed at all brands, which is destined to change the ways of sponsoring products and services forever. This is the most interesting business concept thanks whom The Nemesis attracted the attention of international investors from some of the world's most dynamic markets, including the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Eastern Europe.

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Author: Undo Studios Staff