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The first virtual concept store is online

December 2019 - The adv revolution goes from gaming, many companies have just understood it and so the first virtual concept store on The Nemesis was born.

During the last interview on Millionaire, the founders have deepened the meaning of the revolution that The Nemesis will bring to adv. The Nemesis uses gamification to encourage users to experience branded products in their virtual version. For example, virtually drinking an energy drink can really give an avatar its wings, to make it jump above. Offline, in the real world, The Nemesis proposes a treasure hunt of a virtual object in Pokémon Go style, so users can search for the branded products positioned in order to bring people in a physical location. Online, the platform presents a concept store within a dedicated virtual universe, in which the avatar can interact with the 3D version of the product and proceed with the purchase on The Nemesis, using its Nems, or on an external e-commerce via referral link. We have already collected several applications for the opening of virtual concept stores. The first one, dedicated to the world of footwear is already online! conclude with pride Alessandro De Grandi and Riccardo Zanini, founders of The Nemesis.

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Author: Undo Studios Staff