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The Nemesis WON at CES2020 in Las Vegas

January 2020 - The Nemesis at CES2020 in Las Vegas succeed among Silicon Valley investors and is preparing to close the bridge round in anticipation of Serie A

Alessandro De Grandi and Riccardo Zanini presented The Nemesis to the CES 2020 audience in Vegas. There was a special occasion to talk about the project to over 60 qualified investors from Silicon Valley. The presentation was a success: the jury appreciated the 5-minutes pitch and asked in-depth questions about business model and blockchain integration. After that, the investor lunch gave to the founders the possibility to network and meet important angels and ventures who appeared very interested in participating to the actual bridge round in anticiption of the serie A one, which will be opened in next months. <> said Alessandro De Grandi, CEO and Founder of The Nemesis, <> The Nemesis is one of the 5 awarded projects, based on the best pitch, business model and scalability. <> concluded Riccardo Zanini, CMO and Founder of The Nemesis.

Author: Undo Studios Staff