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Users get involved through the eyes of their avatars: while your performance is streamed on a fantastic mega screen, they move between virtual items, socialize with each other, express their preferences with surveys or participate in Q&A.
A professional directing tool is included, you just need your smartphone to go on air.

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Virtual Events



Make your live streaming pop by using the perfect stage within your own metaverse. A great video wall can be activated in any customized metaverse, for example to host a party in your own village, to showcase your artworks in your personal art gallery or to launch your new collection in your virtual store.While your performance is on air, let your community live an interactive experience: users can explore an awesome virtual location, socialize each other and interact directly with you.



Thanks to a professional directing tool, you only need your smartphone to go on air. Users see you on a fantastic video wall through the eyes of their avatars and, in the meantime, they can experience the event in a unique way by exploring the virtual world, by chatting with other people, by voting their preferences about your live streaming surveys, with instant stats. You can engage users as well if you really interact with people: invite your fans to go live with you on the video wall!

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Sell products, offer services, play games and organize live events. Online and offline interactions to increase retention using gamification.