Here are three things you need to know:

Purchase your Lands using NEMS, The Nemesis payment token.
Grab your Lands with Miners and start generating COINS.
Step into the future with virtual real estate and build your dream world.

Lands - The Nemesis Lands - The Nemesis Lands


The total supply of The Nemesis Lands is 11520.
Lands are located on planet Genesis, released in March 2023 and characterized by Caribbean Sea filler.



Earn up extra money simply playing few minutes per day! Miners have already been revealed!
Were you lucky?



The Nemesis Lands are generated randomly by an algorithm that checks the uniqueness of each matrix. Each Land can be divided by an imaginary 5x5 grid, for a total of 25 plots. Some of these 25 plots are building units, called terrain, on which it is possible to place a 3D Template, while the empty ones represent a filler (water) with particular and unique textures, shaders and colliders. On fillers it is not possible to place 3D Templates but only single 3D assets.



Already own a Land? Create your custom 3D Set. Thanks to the Editor it will take just few simple steps!

Choose your favorite 3D Templates and get a better result by filling the empty spaces between them with 3D assets. Name your Metaverse for direct link, select the access option – open or restricted… and enjoy!


Lands are the basis of virtual worlds. All Lands are unique size with different matrix and surface. 

3D Set

3D Sets are complete 3D scenes matching the matrix of the Land and resulting from a combination of 3D Templates and single assets. 


A Land with a 3D Set is a Metaverse, a virtual world where users can explore, interact and play with other friends.
















Design your custom 3D Set by applying one or more 3D Templates to the terrain, depending on the matrix of your Land. Small 3D Templates fit all terrain units, while Medium and Large ones suit bigger areas composed of close terrain units – at least 2×2 or 3×3.

LAND 3D templates


3 sizes available:

SMALL: 1x1 = 1 unit (500 sqm)

MEDIUM: 2x2 = 4 units (2000 sqm)

LARGE: 3x3 = 9 units (4500 sqm)

The SMALL size is equal to 500 sqm in real life. This is the smallest unit, from which the Medium and Large units are calculated.


How and where can I access The Nemesis Lands Presale? The Nemesis

Only NFT Companions Holders who reserved their Lands on The Nemesis could access the Presale. Users could purchase and mint Lands on The Nemesis website. The Presale is now closed.

Is there a maximum amount of Lands that I can mint during the Public Sale?The Nemesis

The maximum amount of Lands that each user can mint every month is 3. More info here.

How much does a Land cost?The Nemesis

1 Land has a fixed price of 280 USD. During the Presale, NFT Companions Holders obtained a discount of 50% and paid only 140 USDt / USDc for each Land they had reserved.

In what currency can I buy Lands?The Nemesis

During the Presale, Lands were payable in USDt / USDc. From the Public Sale, they can be purchased only in NEMS, The Nemesis official token.

What are Miners and how do they work?The Nemesis

Miners are a tool that, when applied to a Land, can be used to generate COINS. The COINS production will vary according to the type of Miner: Epic Miners will produce 70 COINS in 24 hrs, Rare Miners 50 in 25 hrs, and Common 30 in 26 hrs. The Miners distribution on Lands as an attribute of the Land NFT is random with an equal distribution for all Sectors (almost 50%).

How does Miners reveal work?The Nemesis

On May 22nd, Miners were revealed. Lands Owners can check them out on Opensea or logging into The Nemesis, if they synced their Metamask on our platform.


What happens to my NFT Companion when I buy a Land during the Presale?The Nemesis

S1 Companions give their Holders the special option to reserve a Land and buy it at half price during the Presale. After the Land purchase, the Companion will permanently lose this option but its other functions will remain unchanged. The Companion Owner will be able to sell or transfer the Companion to another user who, before buying it, can check if there is an active option related to that NFT​.

What kind of contract did The Nemesis choose for Lands?The Nemesis

The Nemesis chose a standard ERC-721 in order to write the shortest and most optimized contract and, therefore, ensure the lowest gas fees during transactions.

Why ERC-721 and not ERC-721a?The Nemesis

ERC-721a allows to mint only consecutive tokens, therefore this would not have been convenient for the minting of non-consecutive Lands. On the other hand, ERC-721 allows more flexibility and the optimization of the smart contract ensures the lowest gas fees.

Can 2 Lands have the same matrix?The Nemesis

On a Planet, there will be no Lands with the same matrix: this distinctive feature further characterizes the Land NFTs.

Is it possible to build on filler areas?The Nemesis

Yes, it is. Creators can choose single 3D assets from the Editor library and place them also on filler areas. However, it is not possible to apply a 3D Template on a filler: 3D Templates can be placed only on terrain units. (Attention! The filler is currently not editable but this feature will be available with the next version of our Editor... stay tuned!)

In what currency can I buy 3D assets and Templates for creating a 3D Set for my Lands?The Nemesis

When you have completed the 3D Set assembly work, you can pay in COINS the assets and the Templates you used.

How can I design a 3D Template as a Creator?The Nemesis

Through the Editor, you can design one or more 3D Templates, without specific tech skills. Firstly, choose the size: Small, Medium or Large. Then, select your favorite assets from our rich library of over 50 thousand 3D items and create a perfect mix to build a cool 3D environment.

How can I earn as a Creator?The Nemesis

As a Creator, you may sell an original copy of your 3D Template without limitation on subsequent sales. You set the price in COINS and if you allowed the resale of it, buyers could rework your copy and put it back on sale by transferring its possession. You, as first Creator, will receive only the fees of your direct sales, then completely leave the scene on subsequent sales. On every sale, except for free ones, the platform retains 10% of the transaction fee.