The Nemesis

Brand Manual

This document provides information on how to use The Nemesis visual identity. It is designed to be used as a reference document. Any visual communication materials produced for this brand must be consistent with the standards contained in this document.

Every time we share our brand visually with a consumer, a customer, a broker, an employee or an investor, we have an important opportunity to demonstrate our strong sense of identity. Following the instructions in these guidelines will contribute to building our brand. Together we are building world class brands, recognized and respected worldwide, so it is important to avoid inconsistencies that can have a negative effect on how people perceive us. As The Nemesis is an international brand, all written contents must be in English.

Brand standards should always be followed and variations should not be allowed regardless of any materials you see.

Also note that these guidelines may evolve over time to reflect changes with our brand. If you require guidance or have additional questions when developing communication material, please send your questions to