NEMS Bridge on Consensys Linea

We are excited to announce a new significant collaboration with Consensys, a global leader in blockchain solutions, to create a native bridge between our NEMS token on Layer 1 Ethereum and the Consensys Linea blockchain on Layer 2. This innovation represents a significant step for our community and the NEMS ecosystem, opening up new opportunities and benefits for all users.

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Who is Consensys?

Consensys is one of the leading global companies in the blockchain field, known for developing fundamental tools and infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem. Founded by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, Consensys is dedicated to building decentralized applications and providing enterprise-level solutions that enable the adoption of blockchain technology on a global scale. For more information, visit

How the NEMS Bridge Works

The NEMS bridge will allow users to transfer their tokens between the Ethereum network (Layer 1) and the Linea blockchain (Layer 2) securely and efficiently. Here’s how the process works


Lock on L1

When a user decides to bridge a quantity of NEMS tokens (e.g., 1000 tokens), these are locked on Layer 1 through a smart contract.


Mint on L2

Once the tokens are locked on L1, an equivalent amount is minted on Linea (Layer 2), making them usable.


Bridge Back

back (e.g., 500 tokens). In this case, the tokens on L2 are burned, and the same amount is released on L1

Benefits of the Bridge on Linea

Reduction of Gas Fees

Linea offers significantly lower transaction costs compared to Ethereum, making it ideal for gaming and frequent transactions within our metaverse. For more , visit

Airdrop and Marketing Campaigns

With lower gas costs, airdrops and promotional campaigns can be executed more efficiently and economically.

Future Expansion

Layer 1 will remain our main reference blockchain, allowing the creation of additional bridges to other Layer 2 networks in the future.

Integration with Gaming

Since Linea focuses on gaming, this bridge will facilitate in-game exchanges, improving user experience in our metaverse.

Listing on CEX and DEX

The upcoming listings of the NEMS token on CEX (Centralized Exchanges) and DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) platforms will be directly on Linea.

This will ensure a more dynamic market and greater trading volume, improving the liquidity and accessibility of the NEMS token.

Importance of Listing

CEX: Centralized exchanges offer high liquidity and access to a large audience of investors, increasing the visibility and adoption of the NEMS token.
DEX: Decentralized exchanges allow for more secure and transparent transactions without intermediaries, promoting a fairer and more decentralized market.


What is a blockchain bridge?

A blockchain bridge is a system that allows tokens to be transferred between two different blockchains while maintaining the total supply balance of the tokens.

How does the NEMS bridge on Linea work?

The bridge locks tokens on Ethereum (L1) and creates an equivalent amount on Linea (L2). In case of a return, the tokens on L2 are burned, and the same amount is released on L1.

Why did we choose Linea for the bridge?

Linea, developed by Consensys, offers lower transaction costs and focuses on gaming, making it ideal for our metaverse. More details can be found at

Will NEMS tokens on L1 be affected by the bridge?

No, the total supply on L1 will remain unchanged, and locked tokens will not be usable until they are bridged back.

What are the benefits of using Linea?

Reduced gas fees, better integration with gaming, and the ability to execute airdrop and marketing campaigns more efficiently.

What happens if I bridge 1000 NEMS to L2?

1000 NEMS will be locked on L1, and 1000 NEMS will be created on L2, making them usable on Linea.

Can I bridge back a different amount?

Yes, you can bridge back any amount. For example, if you bridged 1000 NEMS, you can return 500.

How do I start using the bridge?

You can use the bridge through our official portal by following the detailed instructions provided.

What are the gas fees on Linea?

The gas fees on Linea are significantly lower than on Ethereum, making transactions more economical. More information is available at

Why is listing on CEX and DEX important?

Listings on CEX and DEX improve liquidity and accessibility of the token, increasing trading volume and visibility.

What is Consensys?

Consensys is a global leader in blockchain technology, known for its role in developing the Ethereum ecosystem. For more information, visit

How does the bridge affect marketing campaigns?

With lower gas costs on Linea, marketing campaigns and airdrops can be executed more efficiently.

Is Linea secure?

Yes, Linea is developed by Consensys, one of the most respected companies in the blockchain sector, ensuring high security standards. More details can be found at

Can I use tokens on L2 for gaming?

Yes, tokens on L2 can be used for in-game transactions in our metaverse.

Will there be other bridges in the future?

Yes, Layer 1 will remain our main blockchain, allowing the creation of additional bridges to other Layer 2 networks.

How does the bridge affect the total supply?

The total supply remains unchanged. Tokens are locked on L1 and created on L2 only during the bridging process.

What happens if tokens on L2 are lost?

Tokens locked on L1 remain secure. Only tokens on L2 can be affected, but the system is designed to minimize these risks.

Which other blockchains are compatible with the bridge?

Currently, the bridge is specific to Linea, but we may expand to other Layer 2 blockchains in the future.

How is the security of the bridge guaranteed?

The bridge uses audited and secure smart contracts to ensure that tokens are locked and released correctly. More information is available at

Where can I find more information?

More information will be available on our official website and through our communication channels.